Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Plastic Beaches and Broken Roads

So my lovely husband provided us with new music yesterday.

The Gorillaz: Plastic Beach

The first look at the new music was through their music video Stylo. I was soooo hooked! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the video. Some people might not like the foray out of 2D characters but I loved the video. Plus with Bruce Willis, how can you go wrong? The track features Mos Def and the legendary Bobby Womack. The video has a definite story and I'm interesting to hear what happens before and after the video takes place.

The very first track of the album featured Snoop Dogg so that immediately drew me in. I'm very much a child of the 90s and anything with Snoop makes me smile. That man's voice is smooth!

It rolls into the second track with Asian and Jamaican influences. The whole album continues on into unexpected tracks that would make me smile with the originality of it all. Gorillaz does not disappoint at all as usual and I'm extremely satisfied with the content. They give you quality as well as quantity with sixteen very different tracks.

They made a good choice coming out with Stylo first. It is an upbeat but still laid back song that people can get into and features well known artists.

Definitely a good album to download or pick up at your local music store. Really? You all still have a local music store? Crazy talk! ;)

Broken Bells: Broken Roads

I have always loved Danger Mouse since he was in Gnarls Barkley and his technological haunting beats follow him into his collaboration with James Mercer. I had never heard of Mercer so I went into this album with a clean opinion. I like it a lot.

The video is definitely interesting. The music is definitely that which I can listen to over and over. I find myself drawn to the song Mongrel Heart. The haunting background vocals are winning me over.

If you like Gnarls Barkley, definitely check this out. It will remind you of a lot even though it's less soul and more guitarist rock. I love the slight Asian influences I hear now and again.

So I say it's an album that will have a deserved spot on my rotation list.


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