Thursday, May 13, 2010

Things I Learned in Utah at Nerdtacular

1. The air is freaking thin! I walked up the steps and I felt like I had run around the building!
2. The mountains are like BAM in your face as soon as you land. It's surreal!
3. The IKEA there is amazing. Walked around for four hours and even ate Swedish meatballs.
4. People there are so nice! Our host invited 75 people into his home, at least half of which he didn't know.
5. It's cold even in May. Well, cold for me anyway.
6. Seeing double features with friends is amazing.
7. Instantly clicking with people that you have previously only talked to on game or in chat is amazing.
8. Nerds and geeks are some of the best people in the entire world and I'm proud to be one.
9. It confirmed my belief that local pizza places are the best.
10. I will definitely be back.

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