Sunday, May 16, 2010

Twenty Years Ago Today

Twenty years ago today, we all lost a legend. Mr. Jim Henson died May 16, 1990. As J knows, I don't cry about a lot of things. I remember I was eleven years old when I heard the news. I was staggered and I couldn't believe it.

Jim Henson was equated to a lot of the happiness and memories of my childhood. Mainly Sesame Street but also the muppet movies, Fraggle Rock, The Muppet Show, and the Dark Crystal. Those meant happy times in my life and in my family. And then abruptly, he and his future work were taken away from me.

When we lose someone as creative as that, it hurts me and it makes me frustrated. I take it personally and I don't know why. I was the same way when Aaliyah died but not as much. I think it's the fact that somebody so talented had so much more to give the world and it was torn away so violently. I want to just scream it's not fair like a little girl.

I miss Jim Henson and his work. Tears come to my eyes thinking of all we have lost. Thank you Jim Henson. Your legacy lives on but you will still be missed.

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