Tuesday, February 2, 2010

More Than Just A Game

I have talked about this before on other blogs but I have to reiterate it. I play World of Warcraft and I am proud of it. It's seen as a time sink, bad habit, and lame thing to do. But I (of course) think it's none of these things. On our guild forums, one of the friends I played with posted a meaningful post. It speaks so much that I feel. Thanks dude.

There are people in this world, all over this world, that I consider to be some of my very best friends. I met them thru this game. I met them on this server. I met them in this guild. I met them thru the green wall of text. I “hang out” with them every day in vent. I raid with them. I have traveled to meet them. I give them tons of crap. I get crap back. I do what I can to help them. I ask them for help when I need it.

Because of these people I have experienced all the heroics, Naxx, Ulduar, ToC, and ICC. Because of them I have seen and online wedding. Because of them I learned what poutine was. Because of them I know that no matter how someone sounds, they may not be what you think. Because of them I have laughed everyday. Because of them I know 38 makes me an oldie face. Because of them I know more about the world I live in.

My life has been made better by these people, all because one night I responded to a LF DPS in guild chat.

Guild chat isn’t your living room. Guild chat isn’t the mall. Guild chat isn’t a place you can go. Guild chat is a living breathing entity. Guild chat evolves. Guild chat changes. Guild chat is what you make of it.

Words only have the power we give them.


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