Friday, February 5, 2010

Twitter Sadness

So a person I know tweeted this the other day. It struck a chord in me and my heart went out to her. I feel helpless to help (as I am in this situation) but I can't stop wishing that I wish things were different. I think what it would be like if I couldn't marry J. If I just stalled in boyfriend/girlfriend relationship status. The frustration would be almost unbearable. That's just one of many things I wish would change about this country. I just hope I see it in my lifetime.

Not being able to marry has always sucked, but it hurts even worse when you see many friends from HS/college getting married.

Makes you feel like you're stalling in life, can't take that next "big step". "Girlfriend" doesn't have as much meaning as "wife" to others.

When you say "wife" to anyone, they know what that relationship means. When you say "girlfriend" it could mean many things.


1 comment:

  1. Truly a sad comment about our society. I do have hope, however, that the US can change, especially when I remember that in the 60's (within my lifetime) it would have been illegal in several states for me to marry the father of my children because of the colors of our skins.